Time, Blocks, Marking

Before I left for Newtonmore, I had just had time to make a warp from my newly dyed yarn.

So when I got back, I put it on the loom.

I wanted to try out a basic pattern of blocks using four-colour double weave. So I did. I should have read my notes from Marian’s workshop first!

I was pretty pleased with how it was going, until I noticed that I had some doubled ends at the edges of a few blocks. I cut off a sample and finished it, to see whether it bothered me.

On the plus side, I do like the way the BFL shines in the midst of all the merino. The fact that glints happen to be golden is even better! But the doubled ends do bother me, so I needed to rethink my arrangement of blocks (and read my notes). So here we have…

…threading take two. Weaving has recommenced and currently looks like this.

Progress will be slow, however. The season of marking is upon us and I have a *lot* of it this time.

My guilty secret is that I actually enjoy marking; at least, I enjoy this kind of marking. These assessments are formative, so there’s a chance the students may even be interested in the detailed feedback I give them. (Exam marking, on the other hand, is completely soul-destroying, because the only thing anyone cares about is the score.) The difficulty I have with marking is not that I have to do it, but that it is very intense and tiring. You have to immerse yourself in someone else’s mental map of the subject for an hour or more…reflect on it…respond to it…then drag yourself out of it and dive into a different one, over and over again. Time passes in a most peculiar stop-start way. And many, many chocolate biscuits are eaten.

But the warp isn’t going anywhere. It will wait for me.

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