Colour variations

Last week I finally finished the warp which began with the snow. I have been snatching a few hours of weaving here and there between teaching and marking, which have been the dominant activities lately, so it seems to have taken forever. But I have a nice selection of colour combinations, all based on the same pegplan and treadling order with just a few variations in block length and shuttle sequence.

Once this fabric is finished my intention is to turn it into cowls, and possibly a few purses, for the Craft Scotland Summer Show – one of several events I’m looking forward to this summer. And a new warp is on the loom, just in time for the next round of marking to begin!

In other news, I really enjoyed a trip to Cumbria last weekend to explore the colour triangle with Eden Valley Guild. They are a very welcoming and proficient group of weavers, and meet in the most idyllic venue too! You can see some pictures of the workshop on their guild website. I have also had the opportunity to see a wee exhibition Scottish Voices by the British Tapestry Group in St Andrews, and it was well worth the visit. I am looking forward to their Sound and Weave exhibition in Dumfries later in the year – not least because it ties in so well with the theme of the Aural Textiles project.

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