Studio 405

A new address! Same building, but my looms have climbed back up to the fourth floor.

Dundee’s situation – a steep hill (the Law) overlooking an estuary (the Firth of Tay) – means that it is pretty hard to find a place anywhere in town that doesn’t have a view. However, in the fifteen years I have been weaving, this is the first time my looms have been exposed to such distractions. Will they be able to concentrate, I wonder?

Looking east I can see almost the whole history of the city’s industry, including both jute and journalism (if not jam), as well as the current specialism of oil rig maintenance and decommissioning.

Things are looking pretty good inside the studio too, in spite of a very hasty moving process. More of that later: right now, I have to get it ready for a workshop tomorrow.

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4 Responses

  1. MegWeaves

    Is this your third address in that building?

    • Cally

      It is! Can you believe I’ve been there nearly seven years?

  2. Sandra Rude

    Someday I must get to Dundee, so I can see you and your studio – whichever one it happens to be at the time! I admire your willingness to move looms around. Mine are gonna stay exactly where they are until I can no longer weave on them.

    • Cally

      You must! It would be wonderful to see you here.