Creative Entrepreneurship Showcase

I know you know I’m a weaver, but did you know I am also a creative entrepreneur? (It is not as easy to say or to spell, so I don’t think I’ll be changing my logo any time soon.)

Last spring I was part of the Creative Entrepreneurship class at RGU, but we weren’t able to have a class show due to the rules in place at the time. Now we can, and our exhibition in Aberdeen is open weekends until the end of May.

The preview night was a lot of fun and quite strange at the same time. It was the largest indoor crowd I have kept company with since early 2020, and a lot of my classmates turned out to be either taller or shorter than I had expected. I also had the same experience with their work. Is it rude to say to someone that their paintings are larger than you had thought? I hope not 😬

2 Responses

  1. Amy

    Congratulations! Looks like an interesting exhibit.

    I do wonder, however, at the individual peering over the wall behind your work — mannequin or live person?

    • Cally

      Live person! They are half of a performance duo who were at the preview. I love the oddness of this photo so I’m glad you noticed!