Personal Approaches to Design

I can’t tell you how pleased I am to hold the new Complex Weavers book in my hands. Having been present at the moment when the first spark of the idea was seen, I’m acutely aware of how much effort from how many people it has taken to nurture that spark into the beautiful finished volume. The book celebrates the 40th anniversary of Complex Weavers and commemorates the life of Wanda Shelp, who served the organisation in many capacities over many years. It is a wonderful accomplishment by the editor, Laurie Autio, and her team.

Photo shows the front cover of the book, its title "Eight Shafts: Beyond the Beginning" and subtitle "Personal Approaches to Design". Edited by Laurie Knapp Autio, and the Complex Weavers logo.

The book’s subtitle Personal Approaches to Design is a theme which resonates strongly with me, and if you are interested in the many different ways weavers turn their ideas into cloth then I think you will love it. I’m honoured to have a piece of my own work included here: an over-sized scarf in double huck called Through the Looking Glass.

Eight shafts: Beyond the Beginning is available to order from the Complex Weavers Marketplace. In the UK, however, it may be more affordable to purchase from The Handweavers Studio, because the postage costs from the US are substantial. And at the time of writing, I see they have just re-stocked!

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