So what have I been doing since my last post, nearly two weeks ago?

Travelling – firstly to a research workshop with the rest of my department, then to stay with friends and gawp at the lovely home they have just moved into, then to Brunel University for a training course and finally to my sister-in-law’s just in time for…

Celebrating –  Abigail’s second birthday.

Blushing – at all the nice things you have been saying about my yardage, thank you. I know it is not at all like my “usual” weaving, but that is the great thing about such a rich craft as ours.

Grappling – with the most annoying and information-withholding courier company (naming no names, but you know who you are) over shipping said yardage to Albuquerque. To get the thing in the air I ended up contacting eight different employees, and had a different story from each of them. To be fair, HMRC only told me half a tale as well, and they also do a good line in cryptic information sheets.

Shouting – at no-one in particular, but just to get the above out of my system.

Working – on my research; yes, it must be done, but it isn’t getting done fast enough. I wonder whose fault that is?

Finishing – my stripey warp and cutting it off the loom. Now I just need to wash it and press it — oh, and make it into trousers.

Boggling – at the costs of our US trip mounting up… almost everything is sorted now, but when we get home it will be bread-and-water until Christmas.

Skimming – hastily over all the blog posts I have missed. If you haven’t done so already, you must visit Purple Donsu to see Pat Foster’s Convergence yardage Frijoles Creek Remembered.

Reading The Lieutenant by Kate Grenville, which I found very moving. One I’d recommend.

Losing – a whole blog post which I composed in the WordPress app. I have never yet achieved a successful post with this app and it is one I definitely wouldn’t recommend. What was I going to say? I’ve forgotten, so we’ll never know.

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