Created as part of the Aural Textiles project, this work takes inspiration from the protection we attribute to physical rituals of movement, the garments we dress in and sense of confidence and intention in how we present ourselves outwardly.

Working under lockdown in 2020, we gathered sounds from other members of the project by asking them to record themselves washing their hands.

About the collaboration

In this collaboration I worked with jewellery designer Jen Stewart. We began by exploring the points of connection between our two practices – graphically-led structure, rhythm, positive and negative contrast – and worked to connect the hard properties of sheet brass with the intricate structures and soft pliable nature of woven fabric. Through experimentation in combining the hard properties of metal into the processes used to design and create woven forms, we found our point of synergy.

About the woven textile

The waveforms and rhythms of our sound recordings were layered with different weave structures to create a liftplan, and the colour palette was chosen to match the leather and brass elements of the wardrobe. The dress was made to a simple pattern with plain organic Tencel used to complement the handwoven fabric.

See the Sound Exchange exhibition online

  • Materials Organic cotton, silk, leather, brass
  • Weave Twills, plain weave, basket weave
  • Year 2021
  • Photography Jen Stewart, Stuart Booker