How do we integrate new experiences into what we knew or were before? In my woven animation, stories of growth, encounter and change are expressed through line, in movements reminiscent of traditional country dances.

About the textile

In this fabric locally produced and processed wool, a traditional Scottish material, is combined with waste material from Nova Scotia: offcuts of an innovative textile made from recycled plastic bottles. The ancient technique of hand-knotted pile has been applied over a computer-controlled multi-shaft handwoven ground to create a visual narrative of transformation.

About the collaboration

As collaborative partners, Andrea Tsang Jackson and I are both motivated by questions of identity, community and belonging, coming as we do from families with a history of migration, and having established our own lives through relocation and ‘coming from away’. Our collaboration is centred on applying the new lens of animation to our work, enabling us to take the spatial framework of textile design and use it to explore narratives of identity and transformation in a temporal medium.

More about the Shift project

  • Fibres Wool, fabric scraps
  • Weave Knotted pile
  • Year 2020
  • Photography Stuart Booker