P2P2 update


I had quite forgotten that I haven’t posted any pictures of my 12-shaft honeycomb sample. It certainly has a waffly look about it. However, I don’t like it as much as the 8-shaft version. The cells are nice and deep, … Read More

of floats


My P2P2 sample warp looks a bit like a riot on the banks of the Ganges, but there is method in’t I promise. I’m trying a whole assortment of stripes so that I can see what happens when floats of … Read More

the perfect weft


I have become completely addicted to this 30/2 Nm silk. The colour is called “gunmetal” and it goes with everything. I used it in the previous crinkly scarf and then again in this — another — crinkly scarf. The first … Read More

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