WASPS Open Studios

The flyers are here, the flyers are here! It is only two weeks until Open Studios and I have a lot to do in that time… Goodness knows what state my studio will be in at noon on 19th October — but the door will be open so you will be welcome to come in and find out. I am busy weaving more of these

graffiti gallery

…in new colours, some of which are still to be decided!

As well as the actual studios being actually open, there is a lot of Special Stuff planned for the weekend. I have already mentioned the themed ‘art trail’ (to which I am determined to contribute somehow or other), and the flyer says:

WASPS flyer small

I must particularly recommend the reading session with Dawn Wood, who is an exceptional individual: she paints, she writes and she teaches microbiology. She has a voice you could listen to for hours. And she’s lovely.

Opening hours are Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th October, 12 noon — 5 pm. And the full address is

WASPS Studios
Meadow Mill
West Henderson’s Wynd

In order to help visitors find their way to my studio I made up a wee Google map which you can see here. Parking at the Mill is theoretically possible at weekends, but it’s a small car park and gets very, very busy during Open Studios. The streets in the area have only limited parking, but there is a big car park nearby at Dudhope Castle. Anyway, it’s all on the map.

Hope to see you there!

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2 Responses

  1. Meg

    Goodness, I wished I could say, see you there! But alas… I hope you enjoy the weekend and sell many pieces, too. Best of luck to all in your building.

  2. Bonnie Inouye

    Beautiful scarves! This is an excellent photo. I hope all goes well with this event.