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Now that I’ve let that First Bee out of my bonnet it is a lot quieter in there and I can concentrate on telling you about some of the lovely things which people round here are making – people whose wares I was able to enjoy at Petite Noel. For a complete list of participants, the best place to go would probably be the event page on Facebook — though if you are not on FB that might be a challenge. Anyway, here are a few highlights.

I did some Christmas shopping at Tights for Sore Eyes. Nikki and Danni use the print studio at DCA to jazz up tights in a host of glorious ways: even the packaging is hand printed.

Something I would like for Christmas myself would be one of Hilary Grant’s Rocky Mountain cushions. Except that one wouldn’t really do, you’d need a whole range.

Stuart would almost certainly prefer one of Nikki’s cushions, because they look like Tunnock’s tea cakes. Strictly speaking, he is a caramel wafer man, but that would require more of a bolster-type design. (Apologies to readers outside Scotland: these confections are a national obsession.)

A suitable motto for the studio would be the “Less Talk More Make” print by illustrator Jen Collins of hellojenuine. A more general purpose motto would be her alternative “When in doubt, bake a cake” but — unsurprisingly — that seems to be out of stock.

And finally… another Jen, aka RandomlyGenerated, paints little peg people. But these are not just any little peg people, they are the entire set of doctors from Dr Who. There are Dr Who sidekicks as well, of whom my favourite has to be River Song — just look at that hair. Peg dolls have moved on a bit since I made my nativity set in junior school.

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  1. Evelyn
    | Reply

    That is a lot of lovely stuff. A great variety of interesting and well made choices. It looks like Petite Noel was a lot of fun!

  2. neki rivera
    | Reply

    lovely stuff indeed. and with an edge:)

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