reflections and ice

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As you can tell, we’ve finally been getting out and about. Fortunately there are some lovely walks in the area where the paths are wide and flat enough for me and my purple walking stick!

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  1. Meg in Nelson
    | Reply

    In my favorite near-achromatic. Love the mood, but I’m sorry you sill have to have the stick, even though it’s purple, and what more can you expect from a waking stick, right?

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Yeah, I reckoned that if I had to have a stick, I could at least have one I liked! It’s especially good because nobody asks me what I did to myself, they just say “ooh, where did you get that stick?”

      • Cally
        | Reply

        Until today the comment above answered the question addressed to me with a link to the relevant company, Walking Sticks Online, which is part of EmilyHannah Ltd. However, this morning I received a peremptory email requiring me to remove this link or they would report me to Google for having an adverse effect on their SEO. They tell me that in the past they ‘paid for SEO’ which, I learned from this fascinating blog post, is likely to be a euphemism for getting spam comments posted on their behalf. That turned out to be a bad plan, so they have now been advised that they should only ‘link to relevant sites’. A customer recommendation is not relevant, so I am complying with their request and ceasing to recommend them. You can imagine, given the correspondence, how very sincerely I do not recommend them any more.

  2. Alexis
    | Reply

    amazingly eerie image – looks almost like you painted it! hmm . . . where are my brushes. . . .

  3. neki rivera
    | Reply

    that light hint of gold in the third photo!!!like old flemish paintings.
    good o hear you’re walking around

  4. Dot
    | Reply

    Wonderful photos! Hope you can get that ankle back to full working order before too long.

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