more weaver to weaver

No sooner had I opened the first envelope than the second arrived, this time from Noor in Alberta, Canada. I’m not sure how many countries are represented altogether, but it is feeling very international to me!

It seems that Canada has the same sticker-based system as the UK, so no exciting stamps on the envelope…

Noor envelope

…but what have we here?

Noor cuttings

Noor enclosed the most wonderful selection of cuttings, including text as well as images, which intrigues me. I hadn’t thought of that… But at the bottom of the picture, right in the middle is a Canadian stamp featuring a large cone of red yarn and weaver’s hands holding a shuttle.

There were lots of other goodies in the envelope as well. I’m especially taken with the rubber stamp Noor has made — by ‘upcycling’ an eraser — which prints a pattern of intersecting threads. That is going into use straight away.

Noor stamp and yarns

And finally, Noor mentioned in her letter that she reads my blog, which I know must be true because she enclosed teabags and a cake recipe!

Noor tea and cake

Alas the cake will have to wait — I haven’t enough eggs in the house and Scotland shuts down completely at new year — but a nice cup of tea will be just the thing tomorrow, once Stuart and I have moved the last of the table looms down to the studio.

So a big thank you to Noor for this lovely portfolio of treats. I wish I had taken pictures of the things I sent before I sent them, because I am suddenly struggling to remember: did I include that yarn in the end, or did I decide against it? But Kaz has received her envelope and blogged about it here, so that’s a good clue.

I have posted three times in three days, which is pretty unusual for me, but it is pretty unlikely that I’ll do so again before 2013 (less than two hours to go)… so a Happy New Year to you all. May it be filled with weaverly goodness.

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  1. MegWeaves

    From memory, UK, Poland, US, Canada, Australia and NZ, so six, 17 of us. I love the stamp. I love the tea bags. I really love the photo with a man(?) with a headgear pondering as he walks (??).

    Happy New Year to you, Cally.