weaver to weaver

I received my first weaver to weaver envelope just before Christmas. It is from Elżbieta and came beautifully adorned with Polish stamps…

Polish stamps

…which made me feel quite sad about the Royal Mail’s print-out-a-sticker approach. I’m sure it is much more efficient but it is also a lot less fun than making up the right amount out of assorted denomination stamps. Sigh. Anyway, I decided to enjoy the stamps for a bit rather than open it straight away, as I wanted to wait until Christmas was over and the house was our own again.

The contents were well worth waiting for. Look at this gorgeous hand-painted card.

Ela card front

Ela has added another little sprig of tansy on the back too.

Ela card back

In her message Ela says that she is interested in natural dyeing using local plants and wool from Pomorska sheep, which are native to her region.

Ela Pomorska sheep

Here’s a lock of dyed wool she included. I love how curly it is!

Ela lock of dyed wool

All around her message she has taped samples of handpsun and hand-dyed yarn.

Ela dyed wool samples

It is such a beautiful collection, I am thrilled to receive something so lovely. And I am very glad that I waited to open it. For more lovely colours of yarn, do go and have a look at Elżbieta’s wool photos.

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2 Responses

  1. MegWeaves

    Oh, lovely! I admire her drawing/painting as well. And such soft colors of the wool.

  2. MegWeaves

    And totally agree re. stamps. Nobody is going to collect those stickers, I say.