As I mentioned, I’ve had a few skipped threads on the lower layer of the 4CDW where I have failed to spot a sticky warp end in the shed. Today I have been hunting them down.

4CDW before repair

At the point marked with the pin that orange weft should have passed under the purple warp end (well, strictly speaking, over rather than under because this was the back of the cloth when it was on the loom). Because of the frequent layer exchanges in this pattern, it is much easier to graft in a new piece of warp rather than a new piece of weft.

4CDW after repair

So I have been darning in little pieces of yarn like this. The beauty of wool is that, once this is fulled, the repair will be completely invisible. I don’t even need to cut out the ‘wrong’ piece. What a wonderful fibre!

I’ve spotted about half a dozen of these in the 3 metre piece I cut off the other day. I’ve prevented at least ten times as many during the weaving process, which is not especially speedy! But I do love the colour blends and patterns taking shape as I weave, so I reckon it’s worth the trouble.

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  1. Margery

    Absolutely, positively worth the trouble. Your cloth is stunning!