We have a magnetic whiteboard on the wall near the computer, and I like to use it for my to-do lists. A list I can see whenever I walk into the room is more likely to prod me into action than any number of diaries, planners, apps etc. Unfortunately, Magnus can reach the whiteboard from the bookcase – there isn’t really any place in the study where there isn’t a bookcase – and, once he had removed all the magnets, he moved onto solvents.

Rather than encourage his habit of licking off the marker pen, I now have to manage my to-do lists in other ways. And I must admit it isn’t really working! At any one time I have half a dozen scraps of paper on the go (in addition to the diaries etc) and I can still avoid looking at any of them. I really do need to find another location for the whiteboard, although the range of places I can reach and Magnus can’t is surprisingly limited. It’s a good thing he is a champion snuggler.


I have finished the first Random Walk. Each lifting sequence was determined by rolling a pair of dice. I’m using linen singles for the warp and linen/stainless steel for the weft. The result is pleasingly crisp but not ‘stiff’.

I’m not yet sure whether it should all be seen, or only part of it be seen, so I’ve been experimenting. This piece happens to be just the right width to wind onto a bobbin from my spinning wheel.


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  1. Anna Branner

    I love the idea of “Random Walk.” And the name. 🙂 Must try this myself.

  2. Becoming...

    I am so interested in this fabric…it is beautiful. What is linen/stainless steel? Is that the color or the yarn? Will this be a scarf or are you just sampling? I love it!

    • Cally

      Linen/stainless steel is exactly that: a yarn made of linen and stainless steel. You can read about it here.

      This is a finished piece, but it is non-functional. I am thinking of them as ‘ribbons’ because of the long, skinny shape.

  3. Catherine Freeland

    I feel so sympathetic to this kind of activity, and experiment, even though I haven’t the expertise! I suppose the narrow band is just a sample, but I’m tablet-weaving at the moment – a little bit experimental, and thinking about uses for narrow pieces, and how they might be joined. I would imagine that it looks well with the light coming through, so I’d be hanging it in front of a window, or lit from behind, and hoping that Magnus doesn’t take a shine to it…

    • Cally

      No, this is a finished piece: I’m keeping them intentionally narrow. The next one is a little wider – six inches rather than four – but for the kind of randomness I am seeking, that’s about my limit. I can’t decide whether it looks better against the light or against a dark surface: I like both!

  4. enallagma9

    Lovely cloth! I could see using something like that for a sheer curtain, one without a lot of folds so you could see the patterning.