New Arrival

Yesterday a crate arrived from Finland. Absolutely no prizes on offer here. If you can’t guess what was inside, you are probably lost on the interwebs.

The driver had quite a task to get it off the truck as it was an extremely snug fit. Yes, this made me very nervous. But he was ingenious and capable and all turned out well. ‘Parked’ in front of our car, the crate was about the same length and width.

Luckily for me, S had already been planning to work from home on Friday, and was sanguine (he is always sanguine!) about devoting his lunchtime to manual labour. It took us two stages – road to patio, patio to house – and about an hour and a quarter to carry everything indoors and get the crate out of the public highway.

So now you know it is a loom from Finland. You want to know which one, don’t you? Can I tease you a bit longer, or can you tell from the pictures? It is actually written on one of the boxes, but you’ll have to zoom in.

No, I’m not spending the weekend putting it together, because there’s a wee hitch. Since the Delta went off to its new life a couple of weeks ago, S thought he would seize the chance to revarnish the floor. But the Toika was a bit speedier to arrive than we anticipated! So this is the varnish-enough-floor-to-stand-a-loom-on weekend, and assembly is on pause for a few days. Naturally, I will keep you posted…

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6 Responses

  1. Meg
    | Reply

    You got a kiddy bunk beds with drawers!!

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Almost right… no drawers, though! 😀

  2. Jane Deane
    | Reply

    Which Toika, Cally? Also my dream loom..

    • Cally
      | Reply

      It’s the 32S Eeva. Oh my, it’s a pretty loom! I can’t wait to get weaving, but there’s a bit more work to do…

  3. neki rivera
    | Reply

    ohhh. shaft envy’s going to be serious fun

    • Cally
      | Reply

      I hope so! Currently scrambling to get my footing on the learning curve…

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