Meet Make Collaborate

Hello from Inverness!

OK, so actually I am back in Dundee now, but it was very exciting to be somewhere else for a day! The Meet Make Collaborate exhibition, which had to be postponed several times due to COVID-19, is on display at the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery until 19 June, so – now that Dundee is in Level 2 and we are allowed to travel outside the area – we decided we would pay a visit.

This exhibit has been organised by Applied Arts Scotland to showcase some of the international collaborations which they have developed and supported over the last few years, and this includes the Shift Canada project which I have blogged about before. It was wonderful to see Andrea’s work side by side with mine after months of long distance collaboration, and I was excited to see the fruits of the other Scottish-Canadian projects too. Plus, of course, there was work from completely different partnerships, giving me a window into a whole new set of collaborations.

You can see some reflections on different themes of the exhibition on the Applied Arts Scotland blog, as well as some excellent photos.

One of the things I particularly enjoyed about the exhibition, was seeing the compilation of film clips of makers’ inspiration and their processes. I hope that eventually some of that documentary footage will be available to share online. But one of the main outcomes of my collaboration with Andrea was our own animated sequences, and those I can share here.