Layers and Linear maps

Exactly as I had imagined them! Only better because they are not just figments of my imagination.

Here are my grey (and blue and turquoise) silk layers exchanging:

grey silk map sample 2

Each warpwise block is about 5 inches long and is essentially a stacked bar chart — although I prefer to think of it as a ‘statistical portrait’ — representing a place somewhere along the Tay. By putting together lots of these blocks I am aiming to build up a linear map of life along the river. Except that I’m not planning to be comprehensive but autobiographical, so the places I am choosing are those which have been important to me over the 20+ years I have lived in this area. And, if it is especially important or of recurring importance, the same place may appear several times.

Well, that’s the plan. I still have to choose the final colours, but the design is making me very happy. Here it is from above.

grey silk map sample

It is intended to be seen from a distance, so — in case you don’t have room to back away from your screen — here’s a thumbnail.

grey silk map sample

And if all this grey in your feed reader is making you wonder where the real Cally is hiding, do pop over to see my newly refurbished website, where there is plenty of colour and more to come soon. I don’t think I have broken too much, although there are a few things I am still tweaking. It’s all about the tweaking.

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4 Responses

  1. Martha

    Callie, I really love the idea of this particular weave. Having always wanted to visit your area, I am delighted to share in your vision.

  2. Meg

    Interesting close up, but almost… soothing from afar. Lovely work-in-progress, Cally! And if I can do colors, you can do grays.

  3. Sandra Rude

    Love it! The neutral-ish palette suits the design, I think.

  4. Laurie

    I absolutely LOVE this. And I love the softness of the greys.