Actual Empty Looms

You might have thought that I had long since finished playing at 4CDW in lambswool, but no: I still had a couple of yards on the loom, which I finally wove off this week. I am happiest with this part…

lambswool last samples

…which is 4CDW with a plain weave interlacement and the 2/11 lamswool set at 20 epi. I really do prefer the colour effects from plain weave over twill in these samples. I finished these last pieces this morning and right now they are drying flat on a towel on the kitchen table.

In the medley of bits-of-things-on-looms I also had a tiny bit left for more honeycomb sampling ahead of next Saturday’s workshop. I had fun with some thick yarns.

honeycomb samples continued

Also washed this morning. So I now have Actual Empty Looms!

Warping up for this was delayed by a lack of yarn – I got a nasty shock when Venne didn’t have one of the colours I wanted in stock – but I was able to buy just enough from Helen at My Fine Weaving Yarn to get me started. It arrived on Friday, so that is now on the plan for tomorrow. And for the rest of the week, I should think. Which is good, because it gives me time to meditate on my ideas for the lambswool. As far as that is concerned, I am in a place of chronic indecision and need to move on to somewhere more productive.

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