Ad libbing

The cotton yardage is all done and ready to go…

roll of fabric

…although it is surprising how difficult it is to roll up a diagonally patterned fabric! New challenges every day, including many I had never imagined.

I haven’t been able to get started on the grafitti throws because of madly annoying yarn delays. So I’ve been ad libbing a few samples. Some on the Varpapuu, with future Craftsy posts in mind, and some on the Megado, just because. Like this little bit of 4CDW.

4CDW sample

Trying out a bit of texture. No idea whether it will look as I imagine it – but that’s why we sample, isn’t it? I am grateful to two recent weaving students, Annette and Karen, for most of the warp which has been improvised from their thrums. I unfolded the looped ends and laid them into the Louet raddle, one layer at a time, then knotted the ends together round the apron rod. I picked up a grouped cross based on the raddle dents. As there were only 4 ends per dent it was easy to thread from. I was pleased with how well that worked.

Other aspects of the week haven’t been quite so enjoyable, particularly as far as my teeth are concerned, but very, very soon I will be on holiday. A cottage on the coast awaits us.

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4 Responses

  1. fancythreads

    This looks pretty! Hope your teeth are all better soon, Cally xx

  2. annetteoca

    Teeth! Not so good. Sample – really interesting and delighted to see left over yarn in use. Recent student (Annette aka me) has just finished 5th practice project on fixed heddle loom now ready to restore 4 shaft loom recently acquired and start weaving as taught by you. Thanks again. Have a good holiday.

  3. Sandra Rude

    Cottage on coast sounds like heaven! Have a peaceful, relaxing time.

  4. neki rivera

    ♥ the sample colors. so very cherry trees in the mountains. teeh,sigh. but then there’s the promise of a cottage on the coast