Autumn evenings

I promised myself that once I had got through all that I had to do in September, I would be allowed to start a frivolous knitting project in October. It is frivolous because I continue to be very bad at knitting so the result is by no means certain to be a useable object. But that didn’t stop me buying some extravagantly lovely yarn – “luscious 4 ply” from Ginger Twist – at the Guild suppliers’ day a few weeks ago.

And as October is now well underway, I spent yesterday evening turning two skeins into four balls.

luscious 4 ply

This colourway is “Changin’ the Brief” – so-called because Jess had been persuaded to drop the original title, which was “Crazy Cat Lady”. It was meant to be.

ready to knit

Have yarn, have pattern book, have needles. Autumn is officially here.

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  1. neki rivera

    a knitting machine would multiply the fun

    • Cally

      Don’t tempt me!