New warps

I’ve started work with some of the recently dyed yarn…

two blues

…and made a new warp for double huck lace on the Megado.

two blue layers threading

I’ll be using some of the patterns I played around with in my sampling. The arithmetic, though, has been driving me nuts: how on earth did I end up with a sett of 140/3 epi? That’s 46-and-two-thirds epi, to save you the trouble of working it out. Lace weaves, eh.

And I quite forgot to take a picture of the weaving on the Delta, but here’s another glimpse of the warp, as seen from the tying-up position.

changing the tie-up

In anticipation of the new work currently underway, I am having a wee online sale: 30% of everything in my Bonny Claith shop during the month of August.

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