Learning new tricks

I had the weekend off! That’s the last one until November, so I made the most of it by going to a workshop at the DCA. It was a leather workshop with Bunty & Bella and part of the DCA’s Craft Sunday series – but we had an extra Sunday on Saturday so we had time to design as well as make our little projects.

I started with a rectangular purse in tan and dark brown leather. I chose the style because I love those little stud fastenings and thought I could cope with cutting out rectangles. The asymmetric flap was just to make it a bit more interesting.

first leather purse

I did manage to cut out rectangles, and they were almost all the same size too. Well, close enough. (The finished size, by the way, is about 10 x 17 cm.)

There are two pockets inside, and I added a red felt lining.

first leather purse inside

It’s a wee bit clumsy, but I love it. The leather is soft and warm, and the Sam Browne stud is just as pleasing as it should be.

first leather purse stud

I then had time for a second purse and, sticking with a winning formula, went for another rectangle of about the same size as the first. This time, though, I included a scrap of handwoven cloth on one side and tackled a zip fastening.

second leather purse

The lining is a pale grey felt to go with the zip.

second leather purse inside

It was a really enjoyable weekend and I’m delighted with my little purses. So if I find myself getting flustered during October, at least I can stroke that soft tan leather.

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2 Responses

  1. janicezindel

    Very nice bags! It’s always good to be learning or trying something new, it always seems to trigger new ideas and direction in our work!

  2. neki rivera

    the one the woven hands down.weaving+blue.i mean 😉
    this is great inspiration thank you.