Two layers, three colours

This warp has three colours which, arranged over the two layers, give six different blocks. I love the medley of loops at the front of the loom…

…compared with the crisp stripes at the back.

I can’t believe we are racing towards October so quickly. Next week I will be getting to know a new class of OU students as well as starting to work with a new group of weaving students. There will be handouts! There will be slides! And I’ve no doubt that with the two junior feline assistants, it will all take four times longer than normal. Pippi likes to get directly involved with the computer, while Magnus is more of a book man. He likes to nap on the top shelf of one of the bookcases in the study, so that when he stretches, dictionaries rain down on the hapless people below.

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3 Responses

  1. Alice

    Great warp pictures. Do you ever think that sometimes this is the cloth’s greatest moment?

    • Cally

      I do! Which is a bit sad, really, as it sounds rather ‘downhill from here’… But a warp is such a lovely thing.

  2. neki rivera

    ooohh those well planned white intervals!