The sun, the sun! What a surprise to see a bright blue sky this morning – it really lifted my spirit.

Park in November 2015

Actually, walking through the park lifts my spirit in most weathers.

Leaves in the park

This weekend I finalised my calendar of studio-based weaving classes for the first half of 2016 and put all the details up on the website here. There is one more taster day this year – which happens on Saturday – so I have a few looms to dress.

And now I am almost ready to weave this warp, just as soon as I have pegged up the dobby chain tomorrow morning. I’ve had non-stop work overload for so many weeks, that I am now somewhat reluctant to relax – just in case I grind to a complete halt and can’t get going again. I feel strongly drawn to hot chocolate, duvets and the woodstove, and not in the least bit attracted to computers, email and powerpoint.

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