I needed to dye some more yarn, so I got out my bucket for soaking the skeins. Pippi had other plans.

Pippi in a bucket

She fought hard to keep both her brother and me from encroaching on her bucket, until she changed her mind.

Magnus in a bucket

Once he had possession, Magnus wasn’t giving it up. I had to tip him out onto the sofa to get my turn on behalf of the skeins. They had to take it in turns among themselves until, at the end of the day, we had this.

yarn drying

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3 Responses

  1. Barb

    Oh our beloved critters. They don’t make life easy….well, for us anyway. I ripped out several rows on a lace scarf last night only to find a dropped yarnover that put the pattern off. I attribute it to Toby, my dog and Ivy, my cat, jockeying for position on my lap when I finally sat down for the day to have a little “relaxing” (ahem) time in the evening. Once I corrected the mistake I had to wait for Ivy to settle before continuing on with my knitting. Sleeping beside me just isn’t quite close enough! :O) Pippi and Magnus look like real sweeties.

    • Cally

      Oh dear! I am fortunate that I have no feline assistance in the studio, but I am getting LOTS of help with my #FunADay braiding. Just a teeny bit more than I really need…

  2. Harris

    Thank you for the treat! Cute pussycats in a bucket AND freshly dyed skeins in beautiful shades!!