More Braids

You may be wondering whether there is any actual weaving going on. Yes, there is. More Waterfront pieces in alpaca/silk, in fact, but I have been struggling to get a decent photo. I am having more photographic fun with the braids (above), posing them on textured backgrounds and under different lighting conditions.

I do like the wild shadow of the blue fuzzy beastie. 17 Braids so far (the orange and green one is number 17 itself) and now we are more than half way through the month.

Someone on Facebook posted a link to this article. In it tapestry weaver Erin Riley wonders, “Maybe I should just give up tapestry and weave chunky stuff with fringe? It’s hard to find the right business model.” Chunky stuff with fringe – applies to non-tapestry weaving as well, I think!

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  1. Alice

    These are fun! Sometimes what goes on at the fringe (pun intended) is the most interesting.