Double figures

Well, I haven’t yet managed to achieve a cat-free sink long enough to make use of it. This is mainly because S was away over the weekend, so there was nobody to distract the fascinated felines. On the plus side, though, he returned with a new-to-me loom, courtesy of Pat – thanks, Pat! – which is totally worth four days of tripping over a kitten every time I turned round.

But what kind of loom, I hear you cry? It’s a Louet Magic Dobby: 24 shafts, 40 cm weaving width, mechanical dobby.

magic dobby

And it is sitting up against the breast beam of the Delta, because I haven’t quite got a space cleared for it yet….

This officially takes my loom count to double figures, which is a little frightening. I am actually selling one 8-shaft table loom, so that will move out – though not immediately – and there’s a 4-shaft one that I would like to find a new home for as well. Just at the moment, though, I am in possession of 10 looms. (Not counting backstrap, rigid heddle or frame looms, obviously.)

I’m not allowed to warp this one until all the others are done. I have a new cohort of beginner weavers coming in this weekend, and I’ve got those looms just about ready. But the new warp for the Megado,…

new handdyed merino silk warp

new warp on mill

…which is quite a bit darker than the top picture suggests, is only beamed and not yet threaded.

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7 Responses

  1. Alice

    Are you sure you’re not the sorcerer’s apprentice?

    • Cally

      Now that you mention it, no – not absolutely sure. It would certainly explain a lot.

  2. Martha

    Where is that jealous button? Love your new magic dobby loom it looks like so much fun!

    • Cally

      And there’s not a cat in sight…

  3. Charlotte Engstad

    Congratulations! I consider buying one, in order to have a loom for weaving samples. The others are continually occupied with long warps and I never get around to sampling anymore. Are you satisfied with it?

    • Cally

      That’s what I am thinking of – I will let you know how I get on!

  4. neki rivera

    that’s my loom although mine’s computerized!