Two (three, four) steps back

I’m horrified to see that I haven’t posted since 24th Feb. Worlds have been created and extinguished in that time. So has weaving. I got the new warp set up and started work, and I even managed to catch a photo of it that looks a tiny bit like my view of the thing in real life (if I forget to take off my reading glasses).

mixed huck twill new

But you may also be able to see in the picture that I had just joined in a new bobbin of weft. And it became all too obvious that the greys did not match at all. I couldn’t find anything in the box of skeins to match the part I had already woven, which is a little weird because I’m certain all the skeins of light grey 2/24 were dyed in a single batch and so I have no idea where the rogue bobbin came from. But leaving that conundrum for another day, the discrepancy was so bad I had to unweave everything agaiin.

So now we are back to square one. Or rather at about square minus 100, because last week I started the ascent of the mother of all marking mountains and at the present rate won’t get back to the loom until July 2023.

And while we are on the bad news, I haven’t got a warp on the Magic Dobby yet either. The reed I was going to use turned out to be too tall for the fixings, and I haven’t had time to think of a workaround.

Is there any good news? Yes! I’m going to Seminars. It’s ‘only’ five marking mountains away… See you there!

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4 Responses

  1. Sandra Rude

    Oh, good. I’m looking forward to seeing you at CW. I asked the surgeon if I’d be ready to travel by then, and he said “Sure!”

    • Cally

      I like the sound of that surgeon!

  2. amyfibre

    So is this double weave in the sense that there is huck behind the echo sections and vice versa? Or just* side-by-side sections?

    * “just” is a bad choice of words because my brain is fleeing in terror at trying to figure out side-by-side echo and huck.

    This is Very Cool. I really want to feel it.

    And Sandra — so glad to see that your surgeon has his/your priorities right! I wondered that when I read your recent blog posts. Sending good wishes (via Scotland apparently!) for quick and as-easy-as-possible resolution on the heart issues.

    Looking forward immensely to seeing both of you in June!

    • Cally

      It’s single cloth this time, Amy. Just huck and echo in stripes. I didn’t try too hard to figure it out – just warped up to see what would happen! The main thing I have to grapple with is the length of repeat on my manual dobby chain: it has to be either 40 or 80 lags (I don’t have 120!) It is surprisingly challenging to come up with twill sequences to a specified length…