Miles and milestones

There have been many since I last posted.

My trusty companion and I have flown to Chicago…

out to USA

…and back again.

back from USA

We took the train from Chicago to San Francisco,

train at Emeryville

crossing the Mississippi…


…and accompanying the Colorado.


In Illinois there were Seminars. Complex Weavers Seminars, which are unlike anyone else’s Seminars. I guess all the Seminars were brilliant, or I was exceptionally lucky, because all six sessions which I attended were excellent. Weavers are doing the most amazing things! Sara Nordling and her double woven pleats, Alice Schlein’s lampas explorations, Dianne Totten’s crimp cloth, Sally Eyring creating 3D cloth on her superbly hacked Magic Dobby loom… I was inspired.

And I got The Pin.

CW selfie

The Pin signifies that I once was, but no longer am, the president of Complex Weavers. At Seminars I should have handed on the CW tiara to my friend and successor, Kathi Spangler. Sadly, just a matter of days before Seminars took place, Kathi found she was too ill to travel. Everything happened very quickly and her condition deteriorated until she passed away on Tuesday this week. The last words she wrote to me were “I really did want to give you that pin!” And I wanted to give you the tiara, Kathi! Fellow weaver Brenda has written a lovely tribute to Kathi here.

The weavers come and go, but the weaving continues. Once again, a valiant 1st VP has stepped into the breach, and the amazing Lynn Smetko – excellent weaver and fantastically capable human being – now carries the CW torch. Lynn presented me with the pin, and I am looking forward to heckling her supporting her from the back benches.

Finally, this is Macavity, a rather shy resident of Walnut Creek, CA. My dad’s old cat, Tiger, died last year and Macavity is the newest family feline.


Our own cats were so excited to see us home again, they could hardly contain themselves.

cat collection

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9 Responses

  1. apurav

    wow great pictures cally……..

  2. Sara

    It was great meeting you Cally, you spread joy wherever you go. And I’m sure that wasn’t easy as you also had a conference to run. Thanks also for the kind words about my workshop. You’re a gem!

    • Cally

      Aw, thanks!

  3. Laurie Autio

    No one deserved that pin more! You did a great job under difficult circumstances. I’m glad we had a chance to talk at Seminars.

  4. Brenda Osborn

    Wonderful thoughts about Kathi Spangler… I’d forgotten that, on top of everything else, she was about to become the president of CW. She had so many talents and knew just how to use them….a rare gem.

    • Cally

      I wish she had been in my Guild too!

  5. amyfibre

    Glad you’re home safely. And your trusty companion too (hi Stuart!).

    The cats are so funny. Apparently none the worse for wear from your absence.

    Really loved our time together at Seminars. Even “working”, you’re a delight. And yes, no one deserves that pin more. You did a phenomenal job as President during very difficult times. Your example will make this current difficult time a bit easier for Lynn.

    Also glad to hear that Seminars wasn’t all work for you. I’ll look forward to seeing where the inspiration takes your weaving.

    Oh, and that reminds me — thanks so much for participating in the Poster Session. Your poster about double huck was thought-provoking and inspiring. I’m still chewing it over (and I mean that in the best way possible).

    • Cally

      The photo is a little misleading as they were up and running around like crazy things from 3:30 until about 7:30 – when they collapsed just as the people had to get up! It’s lucky for them that they are so cute…

      We had fun, didn’t we, even without our much-loved absent friends. Looking forward to the next Seminars already!

  6. neki rivera

    some first class fun not only, but you also acquired some jewelry splendor!
    i’d be interested in knowing more about Sally Eyring’s magic dobby hack as i am traveling that road myself. that is if the carpenter ever comes through .