Another zig-zag

I am unreasonably delighted with simple shapes. The latest piece of double woven huck lace is imitating a simple twill, but it makes me smile outrageously.

zig zag huck lace

Quite a bit more zigging and zagging to go on this one before I change to solid light blue on top.

And in fact the linen is doing something similar in single cloth. Just a tiny peak of that for now, though: I’m still thinking.

zig zag linen

The warp yarn is actually a bit too soft and prone to disintegrating. I can manage small samples, but I’ll need another warp for a long piece.

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6 Responses

  1. Betty

    Perhaps it’s the color combination, but the zig zags have a very soothing quality …… I really like it! I’ve never figured out double huck ….. more than 8 or 12 shafts with treadles? I’m a Luddite, with no electronic connections, but still experiment a lot …. currently finding summer/winter with pickup sticks on a 32″ width is more irritating than fun …. need to stick to narrow webs!

    • Cally

      Yes, huck can be a pain with treadles even when you only have one layer! I must admit I haven’t tried it on the countermarche, though it’s been on my mind… I prefer huck on the dobby or a table loom. This is on 16, and it takes 60 lags to peg the full zig-zag, although there are only 16 distinct lifts (I think!)

  2. Sheila Carey

    Oh I like both pieces! I should to try some more double huck too.

  3. Alice

    outrageously appealing

  4. Becoming A Weaver

    Your work is beautiful!

    • Cally

      Thank you!