Warped at last

Last week I finally managed to finish beaming the sectional warp on the Delta. I love this sight, especially when it is almost full width.

In fact, it is more nearly full width than seen here, as I have since added the selvedge sections and weighted them separately.

Then there was threading…

…and all the other stuff, so now I am ready to weave. Just as soon as I have caught up on the new university session, which has rather caught up with me.

In other news, though, I had a fabulous trip last weekend to House for an Art Lover in Glasgow. There is currently an exhibition there of paintings – colour studies, really – by Bernat Klein. They are arranged around the walls of this little golden-hatted pavilion and look so luscious you want to eat them.

Six of us sat in the middle of all of this and made collages and prints under the supervision of artist Douglas Morland. Here’s a wee peek from my Instagram of both the inspiration and some of my own play.

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3 Responses

  1. Neki Rivera

    that warp looks luxuriant

  2. Catherine Freeland

    hello Cally,
    I’m so much older that I remember finding Bernat Klein fabric/garments in second hand shops, and even recently being tempted by a screen-printed dress in the charity shop in Golspie! (I resisted, because it was that 60s polyester material – museum material!). He is one of my textile heroes, but I admit to being confused by the paintings smeared thickly on top of woven fabric. I suspect being one of the ‘awkward squad’ is what makes him so appealing to me. His velvet ribbon fabric, and space-dyed mohair were so time consuming, and expensive to weave that his ideas were finally abandoned. But of course you know that already…. I love looking through some of his designs. Sounds like you had fun…

    • Cally

      It was a real tonic!