Grey, Orange, Brown

There has been weaving.

The orange weft is a fairly narrow stripe in each piece: about 12 cm or so out of two metres of brown and grey – that is almost the whole of it in the third photo – but I look forward to it each time around! The structure is turned Ms & Os so, as long as I keep things even over the long run, I can easily play with block length. Yes, that is something that I love to do.

On Friday I took a day out of the studio to go to the Thinking, Making, Matter Symposium organised by FCA&C in St Andrews.

It was about “current approaches to making and curating in visual arts, craft and design highlighting the crossovers”, except that wasn’t at all what I took from it. I wish there had been more opportunity for general discussion, but the programme was packed with speakers and short on time. The one person who was really grappling with making and material was James Rigler, and I would have liked to hear more from him. Jasleen Kaur’s exhibition was interesting, but I found my attention much more engaged by the stories behind the work than by the work itself, which was rather disconcerting.

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  1. Sandra Rude

    Play – it’s not nearly as much fun when you call it Sampling! Can’t wait to see what the wet-finished cloth looks like. Lots of texture, I imagine.