Snow days

We are very lucky in the Booker household that very little of what we do is actually necessary for the world to keep turning. So when the snow piles up, we can stay indoors and nobody will miss us.

My one essential commitment in the last few days was to deliver an online class for the OU on Wednesday night and, being online, it was unaffected by the first stirrings of the #beastfromtheeast. Since then I have mainly spent my time dyeing yarn, dealing with admin and eating carbohydrates.

I have now used up pretty much all the dyestuffs in the house – down to rinsing out ten-year-old plastic bags – but I have a pleasing rainbow of yarn to show for it.

The only results I am not entirely happy with are a couple of BFL/silk skeins (not included above) which I dyed in henna with tannins and citric acid. This worked well last time I did it, but on this occasion the yarn turned out blotchy – almost certainly due to impatience on my part – so I shall overdye it later.

Something I find slightly unnerving about these BFL blends is that the wool component is superwash. I am used to being ever so careful with the merino/silk and still having to tease it apart a little when dry, so overdyeing it is not my favourite thing. But the BFL looks as fresh as ever, so I shall barge ahead.

Outside it is a little warmer but still snowing. The snow is tending to drift from east to west and we have almost lost the compost bin at the west end of the garden.

That red you can see through the hedge is the safety barrier around our hole-in-the-road. Scottish Water dug it up (again) about ten days ago, so now there is a hole full of snow. Fortunately, we still seem to have mains water.

My current task is winding all those skeins into balls, which is why I am blogging instead!

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6 Responses

  1. MegWeaves

    My imagination stopped at your giving an online class – made up from the chest up, shorts and flipflops in your warp house amidst a storm. 😀

    • Cally

      I wish! In my house it takes at least two jumpers and three pairs of socks to sit at the computer without turning to an ice cube. And did I mention the gloves? I actually had to remove one of my scarves to get the headset to stay over my ears, but that was the only concession I was willing to make 🙂

  2. Neki Rivera

    lovely colors! we got hit by the beast from the east as well. wonder why the media comes up w. such dumb monikers.

  3. amyfibre

    Love that you added colour, colour, COLOUR in the face of the whiteness!

  4. Sandra Rude

    Very nice colors! Working with color is a good way to amuse oneself indoors during a snowstorm.

  5. Cally

    Glad you all approve of my snow-distraction activity. Simmering dyebaths are also a great adjunct to the central heating in an old, cold house!