Useful purses to put things in

Here are a few examples of the purses I have been making for the Craft Scotland Summer Show in Edinburgh. Because we all have different things we need to stash, I’ve made them in a variety of shapes and sizes…

These little guys with the clips are my favourite to make, because they are so cute when you turn them right side out at the end. (It’s a bit tricky to tell how large they are from these photos, but this wee chap is about 4″ square and one inch deep.)

I delivered these and their several brothers and sisters, along with a selection of scarves and cowls, to White Stuff on George Street this morning. The show opens on Friday and is then open every day until 26 August.

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  1. Harris
    | Reply

    These are lovely! I like the colours and they are useful! I would enjoy using these!

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Thanks! I can always find a use for a zippy little purse too 🙂

  2. saranordlingSara
    | Reply

    These are great! Too bad I live in the USA, shipping would be expensive.

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Thanks, Sara, I’m glad you like them!

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