Threading and sleying were finished on Thursday and then on Friday I headed to Glasgow to submit that hardbound you-know-what. It was nice to discover that they had a letter – THE letter, telling me that I had indeed earned a PhD – tucked under the desk at the Registry all ready to give me in exchange. They must have read my blog… Anyway, we reckoned the Bookers had earned a weekend away from their jobs, so most of Saturday and Sunday were spent in the garden (which is looking a lot better for having a bit of attention paid to it). Back at the loom on Monday morning to lash on and start weaving.

folklorico weaving

The colour change from dark to bright red is a bit too subtle for the camera on my phone – I hope you can see it. I was still a bit scatterbrained so I only wove a metre and spent some time rethreading table looms instead. However, a metre is enough to know that the threading seems to be OK and that I am happy with the colours. I’ll pick up again tomorrow as today I have to wait in at home for a delivery.

It’s quite good timing, in fact, as (now that the above is underway) I am ready to get serious about the design of the next few pieces. I am taking part in Perthshire Open Studios again in September, but this time as part of a group of textile artists and designers who all have different specialisms. It’s quite exciting and, when we had our discussions early in the year, I got a bit carried away with it all! I have pledged to produce a collection of big, bright cushions and throws so I had really better get on with it. I have all these lambswool samples in which I was trying out different setts…

lambswool samples

…and I have a folder of half-way-there drafts which are not quite what I want. This morning I have been scribbling some notes about my options and I am getting closer to making a commitment. To keep things manageable, I am going to focus on extending the style and structure of the Graffiti scarf designs to this larger scale and the different yarns I need to use. I reckon that is enough of a challenge to keep me out of mischief for a couple of months.

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3 Responses

  1. Margery

    Ooh, gorgeous, and really different!

  2. Martha

    Cally, oops I mean Dr. Cally… love the colors, beautiful combination. Congratulations on your achievement! PHD – Wow!

  3. Sandra Rude

    Love what’s on the loom, and the cushions/throws will be spectacular. And congrats again, Dr. Cally!