10 metres

That virus turned out to be hard to shake off, but since Monday I have gradually been feeling a bit better every day. Everyone at WASPS has wisely been avoiding me and my revolting cough, so I have been quietly getting on with some catch-up weaving. I am not quite as far along as I would have liked, but I managed to reach the 10 metre mark yesterday – it’s a literal mark too, being the loop of orange thread nearest the fell.

10 crocus metres

Today I had a bunch of other things to do, including a wee jaunt to Cambo House in Fife. Cambo is known for its snowdrops, its wonderful location by the sea and its pigs: what could possibly be a better day out than that?

Cambo snowdrops

Well, on 22nd March they are hosting a Meet Your Maker event in conjunction with Craft Scotland, so there will be the additional attraction of a stable full of crafts and craftspeople. Pigs and crafts, really, it’s got to be a winner. I am fortunate enough to be one of the selected makers for the day, so I paid a visit to see what the space is like (answer: amazing) and discuss what would be needed in terms of tables, chairs and other such things.

The purpose of MYM is to show the public how makers work. The blurb says

“Meet the makers and learn about their inspiration, practices and profession. See the design, process and techniques behind their craft. Discover their creativity, skill and dedication.”

So I had better show some dedication and get organised.

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2 Responses

  1. neki rivera

    pigs and makers lol!!
    the cloth is gorgeous

  2. Katie Lacewell

    Sounds like a fun place to demo. And the snowdrops are lovely. I had them at my last residence, but not here and I miss them.