Finished samples

In the busy-ness of last week’s to-do list I never got around to posting some of the washed and pressed huck samples. So here they are.

They’re lovely and plump and soft 🙂

I decided on alpaca/silk as the yarn to try next, so I’ve been tinkering with the sett and am now trying a narrow scarf to see how it turns out.

Saturday’s Meet Your Maker event at DCA was tremendously enjoyable and extremely hectic. I lost count of the number of people who wove their own mug rug, but they all did brilliantly. We got through two four-metre warps, which adds up to a lot of mug ruggage.

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4 Responses

  1. Amy Norris

    The samples look delightfully plushy. Looking forward to seeing your scarf experiment.

  2. Sandra Rude

    The samples are gorgeous – what an innovative approach to huck! Hope you’ll bring the samples and finished goods to CW…

  3. Alice

    Oh, these finished up beautifully. What a satisfying structure, so orderly!

  4. Evelyn

    Huck has always been a favorite with me, these samples are gorgeous.