Reviewing the Situation

My sample scarf was woven in a 2/24 Nm alpaca/silk blend. I have a few different colours in hand and deliberately chose two – a brown and a soft violet-purple – that are quite similar in value. The grey and blue of the woolly samples have a fair amount of contrast, so I wanted to see whether a more subtle effect would still be pleasing (and visible!)

I stayed with the 14 dent reed and, after some fiddling about, settled on sleying each group of 10 (one 5-end unit in each layer) 3/4/3 leaving no empty dents between groups. My plan is to keep each piece very simple, using one of the pattern options as a detail. For this sample I started with the brown layer on top, then used a pattern area to switch to violet on top for the rest of the scarf.


The finished scarf looks like this (and this is a much truer representation of the violet than the images above).

There are some things I am happy with:

  • The yarn works well with the structure – it has enough ‘stickiness’ for the floats in the lace with a lovely sheen too.
  • The similar values do work well together
  • I get a scarf!

However, there are also a few things I’ve learned:

  • For a scarf of this length, I need to make the colour change a wee bit nearer to the end. You can see I had to fineigle the knot to squeak the pattern into view.
  • Don’t use the steam when pressing: the jets go right through the holes and make them look huge!
  • I may also need to tinker with the selvedges. It’s a bit tricky as I have no spare shafts, so the selvedge ends get switched along with the blocks. The answer may be to designate one colour as the ‘selvedge colour’. I could use a floating selvedge, but I’m not sure it would really help.

On the whole, I’m pretty happy with the experiment.

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  1. neki rivera

    so elegant! i am breathless.