…by kittens!


These little fluffies – that’s Magnus at the front and Pippi just behind him – joined our household at the weekend. That means I have been on duty both as hospitality manager and as peace-keeper while they adjust to us and to Polly and Polly adjusts to them. It’s going pretty well, but I have only been able to dash into the studio for short bursts of activity. As I am hosting a taster day on Saturday, my first priority has been to get the table looms warped up, and that’s now done. Next up on the Megado is not more huck – not yet – but a secret thing I won’t mention again. It involves some of the yarns I dyed recently, which are all ready and waiting.

hand dyed yarns

I’ll have to get something else on the go on the Delta, otherwise while I am weaving it I will just have to post pictures of kittens. Poor you.

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  1. Lesley
    | Reply

    Much cuteness!

  2. Debbie Stohn
    | Reply

    Oh so cute kittens! They will bring many pleasures!

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