Still here

Still here and still plodding along, though it has been a muddled kind of week so far with various trips and meetings taking me away from the loom. And as the content of said loom is secret, you are at serious risk of nothing but kitten photos. However, here’s a shot of the studio on Saturday evening, after a weaving workshop. The revised layout is definitely an improvement.

post taster studio

The new weavers were great and, incidentally, produced some of the best selvedges ever! And even when I’m tired from a day of talking – it is somewhat peculiar doing all one’s weekly talking in a single day – I get a boost from all that colour. I really need to pin down my workshop schedule for the autumn – I had intended to do it before the event at the DCA three weeks ago, but we still don’t have a date for our Open Studios which is a bit inhibiting.

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