A Bit Quiet

Has it been a bit quiet around here? Why yes, it has. In fact it is even quieter than you might imagine, since I am currently completely voiceless.

Alas, having got the studio to a state of perfect readiness for action, I was struck down by a particularly fiendish cold and have hardly done anything at all. I managed a couple of days at the beginning of the week, before the laryngitis got the better of me, but even now I am inclined to think that sawing off my own head would be the most desirable and effective treatment for my sinuses. On the plus side, I am confident that I don’t (yet) have a chest infection.

So… I have nothing much to show you, but this very beginning of a new warp going on to the Delta. I managed seven sections of the 31 I need, so there’s a way to go still…

I have at least managed to keep up my #FunADay hex weaves, for which I am grateful as it means the month isn’t a complete write-off. For now, though, I am concentrating on trying to recover my voice before teaching commitments resume.

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  1. Sandra Rude

    Get well soon! Here in California, the seasonal ailment for 2017 is bronchitis nearly as vicious as whooping cough…..