Make It Green Journal

Early last year I made a commitment to the Green Crafts Initiative. Over the years I have been working on various aspects of sustainability in my creative practice, most recently with my education and explorations in ecological methods of natural dyeing.

This week I was interviewed by Craft Scotland for their Make It Green Journal and you can read the conversation here.

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2 Responses

  1. M Auch

    Yess – Dutch variation on this theme! ARM loom will not talk to software…various experts still trying to solve that problem. In the meantime I weave on the 8-shaft countermarch Louët because we have to do what we’ve got to do!

    • Cally

      I often think about ‘upgrading’ my loom to a computer dobby, and then something like this happens! While it may be frustrating to have the mechanical pieces fail, at least an ordinary mortal can rig something up and get weaving again… Glad you have an alternative to be working on for now!