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I haven’t yet come up with a draft I’m happy with, even for sampling, so I decided to go off at a tangent and have a play instead. I have put a warp of black and red Jaggerspun Zephyr on the Megado.

black and red zephyr

I’ve been wanting to have another go at Brighton honeycomb with some different types of yarn and different sizes of cells, so that’s what I am doing. This is the 12 shaft version, which I didn’t much like when I tried it in cotton, but I thought in a fluffier format it might be more appealing. Brighton honeycomb is a structure with a ‘right side’ and a ‘wrong side’ but I couldn’t for the life of me remember which side of the draft was which – turns out I pegged it upside down, though it wasn’t at all obvious on the loom and I had to cut off a sample to be sure. This is it before washing, and it is already considerably waffled up.

brighton right and wrong

That’s the wrong side on the left and the right side on the right. I didn’t have enough of the red yarn to use as weft as well so I picked out a YUO (yarn of unknown origin) which is a bouclé of some kind.

I like both sides a lot, so I’m not sure it matters which one is ‘right’. If I can stay focused for half a day then someone may get a scarf for Christmas.

I’ve been attempting to enhance my shop by adding options for international shipping. Well, I have been testing them in my sandbox site, so not for real yet. Unfortunately, I seem to have fallen into a world where Belgium is not in Europe. This may or may not be serious in itself (for those of us who are not Belgian, that is), but it does make me wonder whether the software has a thorough grasp of geography and politics. And, Meg, I have increased the font size in the menu: what do you think?

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