La Vie en Rose

I don’t get a lot of weaving time in May, as it is a busy month for other commitments; but when I did get to the loom I was working on a warp I named La Vie en Rose.

I have been using my second warp beam with another natural-dye-painted warp threaded parallel with a plain warp. For the piece with the red weft I pegged a twill tie-up, and for the piece with the cream weft I used a turned taqueté tie-up. Then I made up a networked liftplan as I went along, which really is my favourite way to weave.

The photos below show some of the process and a glimpse of the finished pieces. A couple of weeks ago both of them took part in a photoshoot, and the results will be revealed when I relaunch my Bonny Claith website very soon…

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Studio 405

A new address! Same building, but my looms have climbed back up to the fourth floor.

Dundee’s situation – a steep hill (the Law) overlooking an estuary (the Firth of Tay) – means that it is pretty hard to find a place anywhere in town that doesn’t have a view. However, in the fifteen years I have been weaving, this is the first time my looms have been exposed to such distractions. Will they be able to concentrate, I wonder?

Looking east I can see almost the whole history of the city’s industry, including both jute and journalism (if not jam), as well as the current specialism of oil rig maintenance and decommissioning.

Things are looking pretty good inside the studio too, in spite of a very hasty moving process. More of that later: right now, I have to get it ready for a workshop tomorrow.

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Visual Artist and Craft Maker Award

Although I am in a state of complete exhaustion after the last few weeks of making and marketing, and have several more pre-Christmas tasks still to go, I have some good news I really want to share. I’m excited to let you know that I have been granted an award from the VACMA: Dundee programme to develop some new work next year.

VACMA stands for Visual Artist and Craft Maker Award, as per the post title, though I keep having to check whether there are any plurals in it. It’s a scheme run jointly by Creative Scotland and local organisations – in my case that’s Leisure & Culture Dundee – to support, you guessed it, artists and makers in Scotland on all kinds of projects. My project will entail creating more work along these lines:

and these:

These are a couple of the pieces I made earlier this year using warps painted with natural dyes. Both pieces have two warp layers: one has an interleaved threading and the other is turned summer and winter. In both cases, though for slightly different reasons, I struggled to manage the two warps because my Megado has only one warp beam. I worked around it, because that is what weavers do, but it made the process slow, awkward and error-prone so it was far from ideal.

The award from VACMA: Dundee will fix that by helping me to purchase a second warp beam as well as the materials for a new collection, so I can really dive into this way of working with natural dyes for weaving. I can’t wait to get started!

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